A Gameshark emulator has been released!

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Kerr Avon
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A Gameshark emulator has been released!

Post by Kerr Avon » Thu Sep 04, 2014 3:30 pm

Great news! A Gameshark emulator has been written, and is open source, so anyone can alter/improve it, and make it work with anything appropriate. So, if MarathonMan is willing, then he can add it to Cen64 and then we can use Gameshark cheat codes with Cen64!

A Gameshark* (for those who don't know) is a cheat cartridge for the N64, that allows you to alter games in lots of ways. Sadly, Gamesharks are notoriously unreliable and prone to breakdown, (at least the N64 ones are, I don't know about the ones for other machines), which makes it doubly brilliant that we can now emulate the Gameshark in software, as we can use cheat codes without the worries of the cheat device breaking down!

At present, the authors (Modman, and Parasyte, two evidently very clever coders) say it will run any code up to Gameshark v3.3 (the last Gameshark released), but as yet there is no cheat finder (the ability to make your own codes whilst playing the game), and more importantly as yet you only have the choice of executing all of the cheats (for any individual game) in the (user editable) text file for that game. The former (the cheat finder) is already being worked on by the authors, and hopefully the latter will be cured by a 'cheat select' menu screen, probably in the forthcoming v2.05 (or v2.5, whatever it is called) release of the Everdrive V2's operating system.

To read more, go to:



* There are several types of Gameshark, some without the Gameshark name, such as the Exploder 64, the Equaliser, and the Action Replay. They all do basically the same thing, and this cheat engine emulates the Gameshark version 3.3

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Re: A Gameshark emulator has been released!

Post by jaytheham » Tue Sep 09, 2014 4:57 am

In theory, if a cart switching feature were added, cen64 could run a ROM of the Gameshark and wouldn't need anything like this.

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